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Baja Kompos

Sambil membelek dan membaca artikel yang ada dalam Persatuan Pengguna Pulau Pinang (CAP) tadi, terjumpa satu artikel mengenai baja kompos.

Teringat pula pengalaman belajar buat baja kompos masa praktikel di Muslim Aid pada pertengahan tahun ni. Jimat dan menjadi. Ni kaedah yang diberikan dalm artikel tu:

Turning kitchen leftovers into compost

GET a plastic bin as container. Make holes in the bottom and cover of the pail. Then place the leftovers such as the leaves, roots, stalks of vegetables, remains of fruit in the container.

Mix one portion of such leftovers with one portion of clean soil or existing compost.
When the container is full turn over the contents once every 20 days. After about two months the mixture will be ready for use.

Compost made easy by earthworms

It is also a good idea to introduce a number of earthworms (often sold as fish baits) to the mixture of leftover food and soil.

The earthworms speed up the disintegration process and save you the trouble of turning over the compost and the smell of decomposing material.

Furthermore, the droppings of the earthworms also provide additional nutrients to the soil.

Forest soil — a rich alternative

Get some crates discarded by fishmongers into which place 30 cm of forest soil (uncontaminated by chemicals or degraded in other ways).

Such soil contains a very rich and balance micro ecological system as well as minerals and organic substances.

The forest soil will need to be sufficiently thick (enough to cover 1/3 the height of the container). This will make it easier to maintain the high temperature conducive for fermentation and the killing of germs.

In this process there is no need to get anything else other than the forest soil and the kitchen leftovers. After about 4 to 6 months the mixture will be ready for use.

Unlike compost it is soil enriched by decomposed organic matter and can be directly applied for the cultivation of plants.

Sumber : Persatuan Pengguna Pulau Pinang (CAP)

Kembali menulis

Ya Allah,
rupa-rupanya sedar tak sedar hampir 6 bulan blog ni x terisi dengan apa-apa input baru.
Banyak perkara yang dah berlaku sepanjang tempoh tersebut. Tapi blog tetap tak bergerak.

Hari ni ada dua kenduri walimah di dua tempat yang berbeza, satu di selatan Kedah dan satu lagi hampir-hampir di Barat Kedah. InsyaAllah akan cuba memenuhi undangan tersebut bersama keluarga.

Esok pulak akan bertolak ke Gombak menemani kakak. Rindu betul suasana Gombak dan UIAM. InsyaAllah harap-harap akan ketemu sahabat-sahabat seperjuangan terutama Zulfaqar, Wahmi, dan Azwan.

Abu An-Nasr

"Excuse Me Teacher"

"Excuse me teacher" said a student to me.

That memory still remains in my mind.
I still can retrieve back on that moment, that day, that time..
I don't know why..
But yet I believe that's how the feeling of being a teacher..
The feeling of satisfaction..
Satisfied to do what the Prophet p.b.u.h has told us..
"Ballighu 'Anni Walau Aayah"
"Please Convey From Me Even A Word"

Adi was monitering the students

Doing some preparation while waiting for students to come

During the "two hours journey" for two classes, I kept worry if I will never succeeded to convey the knowledge to them..
My mind was repeatedly plays the feeling all over and over..
But I did not shaking..
Not even my hands shake..
Only worrying..

The situation has changed suddenly..
I don't know how and why..
But that's the reality..
That's what happened on the second day (June 5,2010)..
The class has became alive when all of us got the rapport and started to build the trust on everybody..
It was a sudden incident..

Never loose hope..
On Allah we put our faith.
Praise to Allah for His help in giving me the strength to do one of my tasks as His servant in the earth...

This is a tip shared by the students with us on how to take care our eyes:

Abu An-Nasr

Once Upon a Time at Madrasah Hashimiah

Abu An-Nasr

My Kitchen Garden (Tranfering Phase)

Day: Sunday
Date : 30/05/2010
Time : 9am-12pm
Place : Muslim Aid-ASDAF

Waiting for others to come

Here we come..

Show time begins

Watching movies after gardening..very tired ma..

Thank you to all of you guys who helped us in the gardening site. May Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala give reward to us for whatever deed we have done.

=Hadith on intention=

From the Amir al-Muminin Abu Hafs 'Umar ibn al-Khattab, radiya'llahu 'anhu, that he said, "I heard the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, saying, 'Actions are only by intentions, and every man has only that which he intended. Whoever's emigration is for Allah and His Messenger then his emigration is for Allah and His Messenger. Whoever's emigration is for some worldly gain which he can acquire or a woman he will marry then his emigration is for that for which he emigrated'."
The two Imams of the hadith scholars narrated it - Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Isma'il ibn Ibrahim ibn al-Mughirah ibn Bardizbah al-Bukhari and Abu'l-Husein Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj ibn Muslim al-Qushayri an-Naysaburi - in their two sahih books which are the most sahih books compiled.

Abu An-Nasr

My Kitchen Garden 09/10

My Kitchen Garden 09/10 project is around the corner. For the time being, it is in the seedling phase. Hopefully by the end of this week the plants will be transferred to the project site which is located at Asrama Darul Falah (ASDAF).

These are some of the pictures of the plants..

Abu An-Nasr

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